Loyalty Manager

Research from analysts NOP World Financial shows that loyalty schemes can persuade shoppers to make more visits to a store and spend more money. – Jill Papworth, The Guardian

Loyalty Manager software turns your Standalone Loyalty System into a powerful marketing package.

How it Works…


The Smart Card Reader links up to a laptop or PC via a simple cable that plugs into your computer serial port. The Reader links through the cable to our software on your PC and uploads all of the smart card reader’s transaction information, which is then stored on your computer.

The software provides you with a database of your customer information, and a transaction history of all points added and subtracted from the cards. From this information you can generate reports to analyse the data. This data can help you in targeting specific groups of customers offering promotions aimed at different age groups, rewarding your most frequent customers, targeting specific anniversaries such as birthdays, and encouraging your less frequent customers to return more often.

Click here for a full demonstration of the software features, and their benefits to your business. Please use the controls on the bottom of the demonstration screen to exit the demo.

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