How the System Works

The system has two major parts, the handheld terminal for awarding points, and the pupil reward card, for the pupil to collect and store the points they have earned.

Points are awarded to pupils via a handheld smart card terminal (what's a smart card?) that reads the pupils reward card and add's points to the card. A Pupil's Reward Points Total is stored on the card, and can also be transferred to a PC, via the hand held terminal so that overall points totals can be studied, points transactions can be monitored, and all data regarding the running of the scheme can be backed up and kept safe. If pupils lose their reward card, then the information on the PC can be used to create a replacement.


The number of handheld Rewards Terminals used in the School Rewards Scheme can vary, running from as little as one per year group or one per teacher. The terminals are portable, light weight, and use a rechargeable battery that has a life time of over 12 hours. The terminals are security locked and can only be accessed by the teacher using the teachers operator card to add points.

What are the Rewards for Pupils?

School Reward Cards can also double up as:

Library Cards, and ID Cards.

For more information about how the system works, please call us on 0800 1613361 / 0800 0836977, or email us:


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