Incentives & Rewards

The School Rewards scheme works by giving pupils the incentive of gaining tangible rewards for collecting points on the scheme. These rewards take the form of cinema tickets, discount vouchers for CD's, books, games, stationary. Discounts and tickets for local entertainment activities e.g. bowling, ice skating, 5 - a - side football, as well as discounted, and free tickets to local sports teams games.

The rewards are available through the schools partnership with local business, offering sponsorship for the school rewards, in return for promotion, and taking an active part in helping to encourage the children of their community to do well at school , and benefit the community through rewards based projects.

School Reward Cards can also double up as:

Library Cards, and ID Cards.

For more information on how this can work for your school, please call us on:

0800 1613361 / 0800 0836977, or email here:



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