Loyalty Systems

As a customer’s relationship with a company lengthens, profits rise and not just a little. Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% of their customers. –  Fred Reichheld, The Financial Times

Developed using the same technology as the highly successful Boots Advantage Card, our loyalty systems reward your customers with points every time they make a purchase from you. The plastic credit card style loyalty cards provide a professional image of your company that customers keep in their wallets as a constant reminder of your business.The systems can be used stand alone or with our Loyalty Manager software.

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  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase customer frequency
  • Increase customer spend
  • Increase customer referrals
  • Increase the success of your marketing strategies
  • Enhance your company image
  • Gain new customers via the Gift Card option

Loyalty cards, gift cards:  Electronic Gift Cards  are convenient and versatile. They can be used for one-off rewards, tactical, seasonal or timed-out promotions, product launches, or long-term loyalty programmes.   Cards need minimal administration so there are low implementation and running costs.   They’re flexible too – cards can have a set value for a one-off promotion, or can be continually updated for an ongoing scheme. You can design your own card to fit with your company branding, ensuring that you are kept top of mind at all times.   Gift cards are becoming a popular marketing product that is attractive to both merchants and consumers. Revenues earned on gift cards can add up quickly and are preferred to paper gift certificates. Gift cards provide incremental sales, attract new customers, and engender loyalty. Marketing research consistently demonstrates that retaining existing customers is easier than establishing new ones. Integral to keeping customers is providing incentives that will inspire their loyalty. Loyalty cards are an excellent marketing tool for rewarding current customers and attracting new ones. Incentives such as points accumulated for gifts, can be established with a loyalty card program.